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here is a large and rapidly growing assortment of books available on all aspects of the art of ceramic tiles and mosaics. The titles listed here are all available from Just click on any title of interest and you will go to the Amazon page about that book, providing additional information, reviews and links to still more titles. If you're serious about learning ceramic or mosaic techniques, this is a good place to start. And of course, if you just love to look at beautiful examples of tiles and mosaics from ealiest times to the present, there is a wide assortment of beautiful art books available as well.


Tiles-Tilemaking; Tile Setting; Design; History:

 Handmade Tiles: Designing, Making,...

Handcrafted Ceramic Tiles

The H andmade Tile Book

Ceramic Tile Setting

Setting Tile (Fine Homebuilding)

William Morris Tiles : The Tile Designs...

American Art Tile : 1876-1941

Art Nouveau Tiles

Batchelder Tilemaker

The Tile Club and the Aesthetic Movement...

Tiles : Choosing, Designing, and Living...

Ann Sacks Tile & Stone

Designing Interiors With Tile: Creative...

Mosaics-Techniques; History:

 Mosaics in an Afternoon

Mosaics : Inspiration and Original...

Ancient Mosaics

The Art of Pebble Mosaics : Creative...

Mosaics : Inspirational Ideas and...

Crazy Mosaic

Mosaic (Stylish & Simple)

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