There are a growing number of quality studios and fine organizations with good websites. The ones we have listed here are among our favorites. The organization sites contain a wealth of information about tile and mosaic production. The tile and mosaic studios create some of the finest work available anywhere. If you're interested in learning more about the history or techniques involved in creating ceramic tiles or mosaics, you can also visit our recommended reading page for access to useful and beautiful books on the subject.

Tile and Mosaic Organizations and Suppliers:
British Association for Modern Mosaics

There's a lot going on with mosaics in Britain.
Custom Mosaic
Suppliers of vitreous glass mosaics, mosaic kits and mosaic accessories..
Mad Mosaics
Classes and supplies from Susan Jeffreys.
Mosaic Age
Custom wrought iron tables for mosaic panels.
Mosaic Art Supply
Another excellent source of mosaic supplies and instruction.
Society of American Mosaic Artists
The organization for American artists working with mosaics.
Tile Heritage Society
A wonderful non-profit working to preserve historic ceramic
surfaces. Great annual conventions!
Wits End Mosaics
Supplies, classes and more, with many excellent links.


Other Mosaic Artists of Interest:
Angela Casazza
Fascinating vessels done in the "Pique Assiette" tradition.
Lia Catalano
Mosaic panels in a wide variety of techniques and subjects.
Carlos and Jason Cohen
A father-son team creating classic and contemporary panels.
Paula MacLeod
Mosaiced flowerpots and much more.
Sonia King Mosaics
Contemporary murals and more. Great source for books.
Cole Sonafrank
Has Links to more than 100 other mosaic studios.
Norman Tellis
Beautiful images of classical mosaics.


Other Tile Artists of Interest:
Just Susan

Fine and interesting painted tiles.
Motawi Tileworks
One of the oldest and most respected art tile studios.
Original Features
A British company that specializes in restoration of Victorian and
Eduardian encaustic tile floors.
Surving Studios
Wonderfully detailed porcelain tiles featuring creatures of the
Terrapin Tile
Artists that do a number of tiles with various leaf impressions.
Tiles by Mimi
A fine painter and tile muralist.
Wilburton Pottery

Rough edged sculptural tiles that look great in gardens.
Wine Tiles
Cindy Wallace Handcrafted Wine Label, Wine Cellar, Olive Oil, Welcome Sign tiles and more.

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